●The Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Japan (A-PAD JAPAN) was established in November 2015 as a platform in Japan for the A-PAD alliance, in order to facilitate cooperation among NGOs, business sectors, and governments when disasters happen.

●Our rescue team and rescue dogs cooperate with medical professionals and pilots, and we work as a team to save more lives in less time.


Shungen Koh

“Practical cross-border life-savings”

Since the age of 19 I have belonged to a non-government rescue team in Taiwan, and we were supported by rescue teams from abroad when the big earthquake in Taiwan occurred in 2000, and I was inspired by their activities. I became a leader for a fire brigade called Tekkantai in Toen city, Taiwan, and we searched for missing people together with Japanese rescue teams at disaster areas in Taiwan as well as internationally including the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

 I have come to realize the enormous value of cooperating across borders to save lives. The Airborne Rescue and Medical Team is a combined team of A-PAD Japan, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) and Civic Force, which was created following the experiences of rescue activities for the Great East Japan Earthquake, and has assisted during domestic disasters such as the landslides in Hiroshima (2014) and the earthquake in Kumamoto (2016), and international missions such as typhoons in the Philippines and earthquakes in Nepal. Our SAR team trains hard daily, practicing dropping from our helicopters and conducting search & rescue in both mountainous regions and urban areas, etc.

Our rescue team achieved 2nd place out of 11 teams at the rescue dog competition organized by the International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO) in 2016. An increasing number of teams from Asia are interested in working with our team and we hope to pass the Medium Level of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) by the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) with a joint rescue team combining members from Taiwan and Hong Kong by 2020. This international joint team is unique and through this type of international cooperation, we hope to save even more lives.

Yuichiro Sakamoto, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman

Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Saga University

Professional diagnosis and initial treatment by emergency doctors

At the Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Saga University, there are 15 emergency doctors providing medical care for emergency out patients, managing the emergency room, and treating pre-hospital patients brought by doctor car/doctor helicopter. 

As the only specialized diagnostic and treatment department contributing to improving emergency medical treatment in the area, we do our best to quickly diagnose medical problems, and earnestly strive to offer the most efficient and highest quality of medical treatment and services via our medical association in cooperation with the fire-brigade, local government, and other hospitals by medical association.
All our members are passionate about proving medical support in the event of a disaster. The four hospitals with emergency critical care centers work together as one medical facility, and we devised a system which enabled the treatment of all patients immediately after the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016.
Saga Prefecture is in a good location, as it should be relatively little affected in the event of the Nankai Trough earthquake. Moreover, compared to airports in the Tokyo area, it takes at least one hour less to reach other Asian countries. The Airborne Rescue and Medical Team based enhances the reputation of Japan makes a valuable contribution to the welfare of other countries. As we already have experience with the Saga Prefectural Doctor Helicopter, which has established a system of quick response beyond the prefectural borders, we expect to expand the Doctor Heli projects in Japan by working with the Airborne Rescue and Medical Team.
It is extremely important to be prepared in Japan, as it experiences many natural disasters. We are committed to doing our best as a part of the team to save more lives by being able to respond to a wide variety of events and not just disasters.

Information of A-PAD Japan

Name Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Japan
(A-PAD Japan)
Establishment November 13, 2015
Executive Committee Representative Director: Kensuke Onishi, A-PAD, CEO
Director: Masataka Uo, Japan Fund Raising Association, President and CEO
Director: Yasuhiko Kamiya, Institute of Tropical Medicine Nagasaki University, Professor
Auditor: Tetsuya Yoshida, Kyoueki Toushi Kikin Japan, Executive Director
Executive Director Kaori Neki
Address Zero One Saga Bldg. 6F, 1-3-5 Matsubara, Saga City, Saga Prefecture, JAPAN 840-0831
Contact TEL:0952-20-2900

Accounting and Annual Report

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