The Airborne Rescue and Medical Team is a professional team skilled in emergency life-saving.


We want to save more lives in less time.

Our Search and Rescue (SAR) team work in the area of emergency assistance. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff join the SAR depending on the type of emergency. We are the first professional SAR in Japan to include medical professionals who work to save lives in places of disaster or after a violent dispute such as a riot.

Medical team, SAR team, rescue dog(s) assemble at Saga Airport, and leave for the site of the disaster or staging area.

The joint team arrives in the disaster area and proceeds to the assigned location.

The joint team of SAR and medical staff search for victims and provide the necessary, including medical treatment.

Information about our airplane

Model Gulf Stream Commander 695
Manufacturer Gulf Stream American Corporation (US)
Size Width(52ft 1.47in /15.89 m)
Length(42ft 11.72in/13.10m)
Height(14ft 11.35in/4.56m)
Capacity Crew 1 pilot
Passengers   Max 7 Passengers
Cargo   Max 600lb/272kg
Fuel   3,232lb/1,462kg Available
Lubricant   23.1 lb (10.5kg)
Flight Time From Saga Airport to Sendai Airport - 2.3 Hours
From Saga Airport to Naha Airport – 1.7 Hours
From Saga Airport to Taipei – 2.6 Hours
From Saga Airport to Manila – 5.6 Hours

Why we fly?
Why medical professionals join our Search and Rescue Team?

In responding to climate change and the frequent natural disasters in the Asia Pacific region, the Airborne Rescue and Medical Team started in August 2017 as a private joint rescue team with a mission to save lives by providing emergency assistance when a disaster occurs. Our SAR team have worked at the sites of The Great East Japan Earthquake, the Kumamoto Earthquake, the Nepal Earthquake etc., and we are committed to strengthening cooperation with medical doctors using our helicopters and aircraft.
Our base is Saga, Japan. The cooperation from and dedication of the Saga Prefectural Government and the Advanced Emergency Medical Service Center, Faculty of Medicine Saga University have made this mobilization possible. We continue to provide a cooperative framework designed to save more lives in conjunction with like-minded people.