Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Japan (A-PAD Japan)

Saving more lives in less time

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and torrential rains are occuring more frequently in Japan in recent years.

We want to reach the people in need quickly and save as many lives as possible.

That's why A-PAD Japan provides search-and-rescue operations and medical assistance in affected areas. We work with government and businesses and provide emergency relief items.

We do our best to return people to their normal lives.

What Each of Us Can Do Right Now

Anyone can become a disaster victim in Japan.
And anyone can help by donating.

We can change our future if each of us take action.

Make a Donation

A-PAD Japan's activities are made possible because of your support
Please choose how you want to help.

About A-PAD Japan

A-PAD Japan is a member of the Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD) and was established in November 2015.
A-PAD Japan is a non-profit organization that provides emergency humanitarian assistance, disaster recovery, and disaster preparedness in and outside of Japan.
For large scale disasters, A-PAD Japan coordinates with governments, businesses, and civil society organizations to provide quick and effective assistance. A-PAD Japan also has MoUs signed with Saga Prefecture, Saga City, and Saga University to work together in disaster response.

Become a Corporate Partner

A-PAD Japan is accepting in-kind donations from our corporate partners in order to provide large-scale assistance.
Please contact us for more details.