In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, ARROWS dispatched a staff member to conduct a needs assessment and distribute relief items. The staff member has already begun distributing relief items including surgical masks through a local partner.


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Emergency Assistance for New Coronavirus - Dispatched Staff to China

Working with Local Medical Facilities and Partner Organizations, ARROWS Distributes Relief Items

Originating from Wuhan, a Chinese inland city, the new coronavirus is posing a risk for a worldwide outbreak. As of January 27, more than 2,700 people have been infected with the virus in China and some cases of the virus have been reported across Asia, the United States, and Europe.
A disaster assistance team, Airborne Rescue & Relief Operations With Search (ARROWS), began collecting information on the virus on January 23. ARROWS dispatched a Chinese staff member to Shanghai, China, and is conducting a needs assessment. Shanghai is located close to Wuhan and is confirmed to have infected patients. The ARROWS staff will be providing relief items including medical masks through a local partner.
Working with Local Medical Facilities and Partner Organizations, ARROWS Distributes Relief Items

On January 27, the Chinese national staff departed from Saga Airport to Shanghai. For the first round of relief item distribution, he took 3,150 medical masks and 2,000 latex gloves. Those items were a part of a stockpile stored at Saga Airport by A-PAD to take measures against infectious diseases. A-PAD plans to distribute relief items from the stockpile as needed.

Under the guidance of two ARROWS doctors based in Japan, assistance activities will be carried out with strict hygiene management to avoid infection. The team is also closely monitoring information from relevant sources. 
Global efforts are needed to stop the epidemic of pneumonia caused by the virus and to save as many lives as possible.

◆ARROWS (Airborne Rescue & Relief Operations With Search)

As natural disasters occur more frequently in recent years, ARROWS was established in December 2019 to reach large-scale, disaster-affected areas quickly and provide life-saving operations to save more lives. ARROWS will send medical professionals and a search and rescue team, including rescue dogs, via helicopters and aircraft to affected areas. The members include Peace Winds Japan, A-PAD Japan, and Civic Force. ARROWS is also supported by an advisory board consisting of prominent leaders from the business, political and medical sectors. In the field, ARROWS is designed to collaborate with local municipalities, hospitals, and NPOs to provide timely and optimal assistance including medical and rescue operations, distribution of relief items, and evacuation center management. ARROWS not only provides relief assistance during emergencies, the group will also implement disaster risk reduction activities such as teaching life-saving skills to students, businesses, and other organizations.


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