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【Emergency Assistance for COVID-19】Masks Donated from China

On March 24, ARROWS received 48,000 masks donated by well-wishers from Tianjin, China and Chinese residents of Japan. ARROWS donated 504,000 masks to China in January and February. As the spread of COVID-19 is reported to be winding down in China, the well-wishers sent those masks saying "let's fight this together."
ARROWS is preparing to distribute the masks to hospitals and welfare facilities in areas that have seen a surge in confirmed cases.

List of well-wishers who donated the masks.

A-PAD is an international organization that strives to build a trans-national aid alliance in the Asia-Pacific region. The emergency assistance to China was implmented with a local partner organization with which A-PAD had an MoU. A-PAD is also facilitating donation items transported into Japan from overseas. 

◆ A-PAD Japan is accepting donations to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Thank you very much for your generous support.

Donate through Furusato Nozei ("Hometown Tax")