In response to the spread of COVID-19, The Murakami Foundation, ARROWS, and NPO Florence donated 21,000 masks to NICUs across Japan.


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【Emergency Assistance for COVID-19】NICUs Across Japan Receive 21,000 Masks

Supporting Neonatal Intensive Care Units Across Japan

Due to the spread of COVID-19, medical equipment including masks and disinfectants are running low. Support systems for children with medical needs have become critical in the midst of the pandemic. 

The Murakami Foundation, ARROWS, and NPO Florence previously donated 3,000 masks to families with children with medical needs across Japan.
The three partners joined hands again and donated 21,000 masks to NICUs (neonatal intensive care units) across Japan. 

Many children with critical medical needs go through NICU and NICUs across Japan are also running low on hygiene euqipment. Ill or premature infants are admitted to a NICU right after they are born and receive intensive treatments until they are cleared of any serious complications or illnesses. NICU requires advanced medical technology and it is an important lifeline for children with critical medical needs. With the shortage of medical equipment, many health care providers at NICUs are forced to reuse disposable masks so ARROWS and partners donated 21,000 masks from April 22 - 26 to the following medical facilities.

- Tomakomai City Hospital (Hokkaido Prefecture)
- Gunma University Hospital (Gunma Prefecture)
- Saitama Medical University Hospital (Saitama Prefecture)
- Kanagawa Children's Medical Center (Kanagawa Prefecture)
- Kitasato University Hospital (Kanagawa Prefecture)
- Yokohama City University Hospital (Kanagawa Prefecture)
- Shinshu University Hospital (Nagano Prefecture)
- Mie University Hospital (Mie Prefecture)
- Osaka City University Hospital (Osaka Prefecture)
- Yodogawa Christian Hospital (Osaka Prefecture)
- Hyogo Prefectural Kobe Children's Hospital (Hyogo Prefecture)
- Wakayama Medical University (Wakayama Prefecture)

ARROWS received a thank you message from Kanagawa Children's Medical Center.

● Dr. Toyoshima (Kanagawa Children's Medical Center)
In February, our mask supply was down to 10 so we kept the remaining masks in a safe box. We started wearing masks all the time in March to prevent cluster infections inside the hospital but our weekly mask supply was only 2 masks per person at the NICU. Our staff washed the disposable masks and recycled them.

In NICU, many babies are fighting for their lives every day. If there is a cluster infection outbreak in the NICU, it would be difficult to save their lives. 

No matter the circumstance, there will always be new lives entering the world and there is no future in a country where children are not cherished. Not only did the mask donation assist our NICU staff for COVID-19 prevention, but the assistance encouraged our spirits to continue our work. Thank you very much.

Partnerships with The Murakami Foundation and NPO Florence
Children with medical needs require intensive medical treatments such as ventilators, suctioning mucus, and tube feeding because of their illness or physical disabilities. Shortages of medical equipment can become a matter of life and death for those children.

The Murakami Foundation, ARROWS, and NPO Florence previously assisted families with children with medical needs through mask donations.

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