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Saga Prefecture NPO Assistance through Furusato Nozei

Support A-PAD Japan

A-PAD Japan is a non-profit organization based in Saga providing emergency humanitarian aid during large-scale disasters and disaster risk reduction activities.


In Saga, businesses can choose A-PAD Japan as a donation recipient and 90% of the donation will be disbursed to A-PAD Japan. The remaining 10% will be kept by Saga Prefecture for processing fees. Saga Prefecture promotes this donation scheme to encourage NPOs and community development.


Eligible donors can receive tax breaks up to certain amounts. Thank you gifts are also available.


Thank you gifts

Thank you gifts offered by A-PAD Japan.




Saga Beef


Arita Porcelain



Imari Porcelain


Karatsu Ware





On-going projects

You can support the following projects through Furusato Nozei. The donations are accepted through a government crowdfunding (GCF) website. GCF is a crowdfunding scheme using Furusato Nozei and designed to support social projects.


Hygiene Kit Distribution Project for Disaster-Affected Areas


Goal: 1.5 million yen (approximately USD15,000)

Donation duration: November 6, 2020 – February 3, 2021 (90 days)


Emergency Medical Assistance for Disaster-Affected Areas – Supporting ARROWS (Airborne Rescue and Relief Operations With Search)


Goal: 3 million yen (approximately USD30,000)

Donation duration: November 2, 2020 – January 30, 2021 (90 days)

How to donate

You can donate through A-PAD Japan’s project pages above or Saga Prefecture’s page (
) on Furusato Choice
*Donation receipt will be issued by Saga Prefecture.
*Tax breaks are based on income and family structure. Please consult your local tax office.