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A-PAD Japan Supports Saga Prefecture on COVID-19 Prevention and Evacuation Center Management

Funded by Saga Prefecture’s Saga Future Assistance Grant and a private partner, A-PAD Japan implemented various activities for COVID-19 prevention and evacuation center management.


1. COVID-19 Prevention Equipment

A-PAD Japan installed ten temperature scanning tablets at disaster control rooms and facilities in three municipalities (Omachi, Saga, and Takeo cities). These facilities will be used as evacuation centers in case of emergencies. An air deodorizer was purchased and used to clean the trailer office that was leased to a hospital free of charge. The trailer office is used to prevent in-facility infections.
1. COVID-19 Prevention Equipment

2. Evacuation Center Management Handbooks and Posters

A-PAD Japan distributed 2,000 copies of a handbook on evacuation center management that included COVID-19 prevention and 1000 sets of posters for infectious disease prevention and destigmatizing COVID-19 to 20 municipalities in Saga.

2. Evacuation Center Management Handbooks and Posters

3. Zoning Evacuation Centers with COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Saga Architects Association and A-PAD Japan developed an evacuation center floor plan for a community center, modeled after the Omachi community center to which 200 people evacuated during the heavy rain disaster in Saga in 2019. COVID-19 prevention and adequate spacing were considered in the planning. Consultation with municipalities found several needs and challenges and the team conducted evaluations of the floor plan three times. This rare opportunity to involve an architect allowed A-PAD Japan to develop an effective and safe floor plan adhering to building standards, ventilation, and circulation. Dr. Mototaka Inaba, project leader of ARROWS, provided feedback based on COVID-19 prevention standards.

During the planning phase, the team conducted a series of consultations with municipalities and aid organizations. The floor plan helped the participants to visualize the evacuation center and think of challenges they might face. The floor plan will be an effective tool during disasters for municipalities, aid workers, and evacuees to better manage the evacuation center. The floor plan will be displayed in the community center and updated as outcomes of drill exercises and lessons learned from disasters become available.