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Disaster History Seminar Hosted on March 30

Lessons Learned from Past Disasters in Saga

On March 30, 2021, A-PAD Japan invited Emeritus Professor Gunji Aramaki to a seminar it hosted on Saga’s disaster history (earthquakes, typhoons, floods) and its response mechanism. The professor is the leading scholar on the disaster history of Saga. Mr. Takahiro Miyazaki from Omachi Municipality also highlighted lessons learned from the 2019 Saga heavy rain disaster.
Many participants shared their questions during the Q&A session. Saga Prefecture is said to have relatively few natural disasters, however, many residents were concerned about evacuations and disaster management implementation by the national and local governments. After the lectures, participants seemed more interested in disaster preparedness.
Lessons Learned from Past Disasters in Saga

 ■ Feedback from the participants
・I learned how important it is to have proper knowledge and to be prepared for disasters.
・In Saga, it is critical to be prepared for not only earthquakes but also for water-related disasters.
・I would like to prepare for disasters so that I can save my life as well as others.
・I learned that we have to be prepared for water-related disasters in Saga and the timing of an evacuation is very important
・Some parts were a little difficult to digest but the summary at the end helped me to understand.
・It was very useful to learn from real-life experiences.
・I went to Omachi to help during the flood disaster. It was helpful to learn about what was going on inside the municipal office.
・I always think about how to evacuate our kindergarten students. In case of emergencies, I hope to use what I learned today.

About the seminar:
Place: Saga Avance
Participants: 65 people (including 9 online participants)
Supported by Omachi-cho, Saga City, The Saga Shimbun
Funded by National Instruments