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Online Workshop for COVID-19 Prevention Measures in Nursing Homes

Cases of cluster infections in nursing homes have been reported across Japan. Infection prevention manuals exist but the execution of those plans are much more difficult. Online workshops will be hosted to discuss how to prevent cluster infections in nursing homes.

8/22(Sat)13:00~15:00(Max. 40 facilities)
8/29(Sat)13:00~15:00(Max. 40 facilities)
8/30(Sun)13:00~15:00(Max. 40 facilities)
※ The workshops will be held via Zoom
※ Each workshop covers the same topics

■ Target Audience
Staff members at residential nursing homes
※ Management, clerks, nurses, and care-takers can all join.
※ The workshop will be recorded and shared with the participants later.

■ Agenda

1. Lecture

2. Q&A, individual consultations

Questions and concerns unique to an individual nursing home can be discussed. Participants can also ask questions after the workshop.

■ Topics
① How to wear protective suits
② What to do when there is a suspected case(s)
③ How to zone off suspected cases

■ Lecturer
HuMA (Humanitarian Medical Assistance)

HuMA is a medical assistance NPO that sends medical teams to disaster affected areas. More details on the flyer.

■ Registration

Please click on the link below to register.
※ Confirmation e-mail with a confirmed workshop date will be sent.

■ Registration Deadline
Two days before the workshop date (For example, the deadline for the workshop on 8/22 is 8/20)
※ Registration will be closed once we reach the maximum number of participants.

■ Inquiry

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ)


■ Sponsor: Japan Platform (JPF)