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【Media】January 11 - A-PAD Japan Featured in The Mainichi Shimbun

A-PAD Japan was featured in the following media outlets:



A-PAD Japan is accepting donations to assist the affected areas. Your support will be used to rebuild the lives of the affected people and continue providing emergency assistance.


You can donate through credit card and bank transfer on our website and Furusato Nozei ("Hometown Tax"). Please note that direct donations to A-PAD Japan is not qualified to receive deductions for "Hometown Tax." Eligible residents of Japan can receive tax deductions for their next year's residence and income taxes with Furusato Nozei.


Thank you for generous support.


A-PAD Japan's joint emergency team, ARROWS (Airborne Rescue and Relief Operations With Search) is providing emergency assistance on the ground focused on medical, search-and-rescue, and logistics activities.

(1) Medical Assistance

The ARROWS medical team provides a wide range of assistance including lifesaving treatments by doctors and nurses, triage, patient-transfer operations, mobile clinics at evacuation centers, improvement of evacuation center conditions, infection prevention and control.


(2) Search-and-Rescue

The search-and-rescue (SAR) team, including SAR dogs, provides assistance during landslide disasters, search operations for missing people in stranded areas, and rescue operations using helicopters, boats, and amphibious vehicles.


(3) Logistics

Based on needs assessments on the ground, ARROWS coordinates with SEMA (Social Emergency Management Alliance) and provides emergency relief items to affected people. 56 member companies in Japan provide their services and goods through SEMA in times of disasters.